Move out cleaning

Moving can be stressful. 

Wheather you are moving across the country or to another city in the metro Atlanta area, there can be a lot to think about and coordinate when moving in or moving out your home. 

Simple House Cleaning wants to simplify your life by taking care of the cleaning for you.

A move out cleaning essentially leaves the home cleaner than you found it!

In some cases where you are renting the home, a move out cleaning can also help you get your security deposit back if one was made when you moved in.

For people wanting to sell the home, having a move out cleaning can get the property ready for showings and potential buyer. Clean homes typically sell faster than dirty ones!

The move out cleaning includes a deep cleaning of the entire space. 

Key Move Out Cleaning Features

Cleaning sinks
Cleaning inside, around and base of toilets
Cleaning tub and/or showers
Cleaning mirrors and fixtures

Wiping down surfaces
Oven cleaning
Fridge cleaning
Cleaning sink
Wiping inside cabinets

All other rooms
vacuuming all carpet
Mopping all hardwood and laminate flooring
General dusting
remove cobwebs
baseboard cleaning
Cleaning door knobs

Important – The water and electric utilities must be on before cleaning can take place.

Your cleaner will need water to clean surfaces and electricity to run a vacuum to see the different areas of your home that need to be cleaned as a part of your moving process. We want to make sure we do not miss a single area

Ready to move past cleaning? Let us take care of that for you so you can focus on what’s important.

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